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Our dogs are bred for outstanding temperament, health and structure.

Golden Retriever Show News

Show Updates 2016:

Luke CKC Grand Championship

Hope CKC Championship New Liskeard 2016

Luke, Hope and Zoey entered select dog shows in 2016, including LUKE finished his CKC  Grand championship in Sudbury  April 2016.
Hope received her CKC Championship in New Liskeard August 2016 and is continuing on toward receiving her CKC Grand Championship.

Zoey Best Baby at Kilbride

Zoey has been in two shows thus far in 2016 one at Kilbride where she won Best Baby puppy in show competing against 22 Baby puppies of various breeds and one in New Liskeard where she won 5 best baby puppies in breed. She will continue on in Sudbury in September 2016 as a junior puppy and hopefully start her points toward her championship.

Show Updates 2015:

Luke is seven months old. Handler Noreen Lorenz , got four points towards his Championship on the long May weekend in the Sault Ste Marie Kennel Club.

Hope at three months old in the the ring as baby puppy. Hope won Best of Breed Baby Puppy and performed very well for her first time in the ring.

Luke Best in Breed

Luke Best in Show

Luke Best in Breed

Luke Best in Show

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Health & Nutrition

Roya Canin dogfoodOur Goldens are fed Royal Canin Premium food formulated for Golden Retrievers, supplemented with Veterinarian approved supplements. Mom is fed nutritional supplements to pass onto her puppies. Good nutrition begins when the puppies are developing in the womb. We encourage every pet owner to continue feeding premium foods supporting good joint, heart and eyes as well as immune system support.

Puppy Care

When you come home with your Golden Retriever puppy, potty training will already have begun. House training requires patience, vigilance and consistency of everyone in the family. We cannot stress enough that consistency is important.




Keep your Golden Retriever puppy on a schedule and feed a premium dog food. Feed the puppy at the same time every day. Feed your pup at least four hours before bedtime, and remove water approximately two hours before bedtime.