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Our dogs are bred for outstanding temperament, health and structure.

Our Dogs

Calum, Faith, Luke, Hope and Zoey:

Currently we have five Goldens in our kennel including Calum our five year old CKC Grand Champion male; Faith, our four year old CKC Grand Champion female; Luke our two year old CKC champion male, Hope our 18 month old CKC champion and Zoey our six month old female puppy. Both Hope and Zoey are from our own breeding. Hope our 18 month old received her CKC Championship. Zoey attended her first dog show in Kilbride in June at 5 months old and won Best Baby PuppyFaith - Best in Breed in show competing against 22 other all breed baby puppies.

Luke our Young male also had a good year in 2015 winning Best Puppy in Show at the Sault Ste Marie Kennel club in May. Currently Luke is four points short of being awarded his CKC Grand Championship status. Faith won a Best of Breed at the Royal Canin Championship Dog Show-Caledon Kennel Club, Mississauga, ON in the fall of 2013. She defeated 24 Goldens to acomplish this win giving her the remaining points needed to get her CKC Grand Championship at 14 months of age. Faith won a Best of Breed at the Royal Canin Championship Dog Show-Caledon Kennel Club, Mississauga, ON in the fall of 2013.

We have had purebred, CKC registered Goldens for the past 25 years but we did not show our Goldens until we got our first quality Golden, Calum. A year later we received our second show prospect Faith. All our Golden Retrievers have been raised in our home where we have a outdoor kennel area and fenced in yard. We are located very close to the bush trails where the dogs are taken 4 times/day for their exercise.

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Health & Nutrition

Roya Canin dogfoodOur Goldens are fed Royal Canin Premium food formulated for Golden Retrievers, supplemented with Veterinarian approved supplements. Mom is fed nutritional supplements to pass onto her puppies. Good nutrition begins when the puppies are developing in the womb. We encourage every pet owner to continue feeding premium foods supporting good joint, heart and eyes as well as immune system support.

Puppy Care

When you come home with your Golden Retriever puppy, potty training will already have begun. House training requires patience, vigilance and consistency of everyone in the family. We cannot stress enough that consistency is important.




Keep your Golden Retriever puppy on a schedule and feed a premium dog food. Feed the puppy at the same time every day. Feed your pup at least four hours before bedtime, and remove water approximately two hours before bedtime.